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Cosmetology treatment

A to Z Homeopathic Cosmetology treatment 


  • No side effects
  • No recurring expenditure
  • No painful procedures
  • No diet restrictions

Dr Mansoor Ali has years of experience in treating cosmetic dermatology cases

What we treat
We offer a better treatment for the diseases of hair, nail, face, skin, stretch marks, excessive hair growth over skin (hirsutism) and other cosmetic problems like scar, warts, molluscum, bad effects of burns, skin tags, blemishes, keloids after surgery, nail bed infection, offensive sweat, fungal infection, whitlow, under eye dark circles, hair fall, dandruff, acne, pimples, chloasma, vitiligo, pityriasis etc. which at times are responsible for giving the person an inferiority complex and can make him withdraw from society.

The science of Homeopathy has earned its place in today’s medical world as a leading therapeutic contender and not only as an alternative mode of treatment. People can depend on Homoeopathy as a first-line of treatment for a gamut of cosmetic conditions.

Cosmetic Dermatology program offers the newest, most advanced treatment options to help restore a healthier, youthful appearance.

Cosmetic dermatology: Treat the skin, hair, or nails using a treatment that is meant to improve a patient’s appearance including disease1.

Cosmetic dermatology might be defined as that aspect of the practice of dermatology that emphasizes looking good.”2

Patients who seek relief from worry lines or acne scars are obviously cosmetic patients. Other patients who have medical skin problems may also have cosmetic concerns. All of them want to look good and are part of the practice of cosmetic dermatology.

The demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments has grown considerably in recent years – because of the recurring expenditure and side effects of the existing methods.

The peculiarity of the Homoeopathy treatment is that – it is less expensive, no recurring expenditure and without any side effects.

Looking at the growing cosmetic consciousness of people to improve the results of Homeopathy; in conjunction with homeopathic Similimum, we may use external applications and adjuvant therapies to give quick & lasting reprieve to cosmetic disorders.