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Dr Mansoor Ali’s Scientific papers and articles published in several National and International Journals and Magazines

Papers Published in National & International Journals 

Peer reviewed

Scientific Methodology of Repertorisation

Links International – Germany

Vol.23 4/09

Sept 2009

Peer reviewed article on A better post graduation – step by step approach

Homoeopathic heritage – New Delhi 

Vol 42 No.8

November 2016

Scientific Methodology of Repertorisation

Asian Journal of Homoeopathy – New Delhi

Vol .3 No. 1(6)

April 2009 

National Journals 







Homeopathic education-changing trends

Vital Informer

Vol.1 No.3

March 2008


Neurospinal disorders-Homeopathic approach 

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.15  No.2 

July 2007


Interpretation of  rubrics in Kent’s repertory- Part.1 

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.9 No.1 

January 2001


Interpretation of  rubrics in Kent’s repertory- Part.III

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.9 No.2 

April  2001


Interpretation of  rubrics in Kent’s repertory- Part.1V

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.9 No.3  

July 2001


Interpretation of  rubrics in Kent’s repertory- Part. V

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.9 No.4



Interpretation of  rubrics in Kent’s repertory- Part.VI

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.10 No.10 

January 2002


Interpretation of  rubrics in Kent’s repertory- Part.VII

Homeopathic Medical Panorama


April 2002


How to become an effective lecturer in Homeopathy  

 Vital Informer

Vol.14 No.2

Feb 2006


Comparative study of mind Rubrics 

 IHK News

Vol.21 No.5

Aug 2004 


How to prepare for MD(Hom) Entrance Examinations 

 Vital Informer

Vol.3 No.11  

Nov. 2005


How to become an effective lecturer in Homeopathy  

Sarada Krishna Annual Magazine 

Darsan 2003



Improving the quality of homeopathic education  

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.14 No.1 

Vol.8 No.3

April 2006

July 2000


How to prepare for competitive examinations

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.13 No.2  

July 2005


Kidney disease – A homoeopathic perspective

Annual Magazine GHMC Bhopal 



Management of acutes- A homeopathic approach  

Homeopathic Medical Panorama  

Vol.14 No.2  

July 2006


Allied rubrics in Kent’s repertory  

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.7 No.4

October 1999


Marriage – A psychological approach 

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.7 No.3

July 1999


Organon the last moment revision  

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.12 No.4

Oct 2004


Organon the last moment revision  

Annual magazine of Dr.Padiar Homeo College. Eranakulam

Dimensions Padiar 2004



Interpretation of mind in synthesis.Part.1 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.10 No.4

October 2002


Interpretation of mind in synthesis.Part.1I 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.11 No.1

January 2003


Interpretation of mind in synthesis.Part.1II 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.11 No.2  

April 2003


Interpretation of mind in synthesis.Part.1V 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol. 11 No.3 

July 2003


Interpretation of mind in synthesis. Part.V 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.11 No.4

October 2003


Interpretation of mind in synthesis. Part.V1 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.12. No.1

January 2004


Interpretation of mind in synthesis. Part.VII 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.12, No.2 

April  2004


Interpretation of mind in synthesis. Part.VIII 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.12 No.3

July 2004


Interpretation of mind in synthesis. Part.IX 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.13 No.1,

January 2005


Interpretation of mind in synthesis. Part.X 

Homeopathic Medical panorama

Vol.13 No.1 

June  2006


Clinical application of miasm

Homoeo times

Vol.3 No.9

Sept 2006


Effective Power Point Presentations

Vital Informer

Vol.7 No.8

July 2008


History of Homeopathy in Kerala

Homoeo Times 

Vol.5 No.8

August 2008


Homeopathic Education – Changing trends

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.15 No.4

March 2008


Homeopathic Research Design

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.16 No.1

June 2008


Mind Rubrics for busy practitioners

Homeohorizon – internet magazine

Vol.2 No.2

December 2008


Management of Acute Conditions

Homeo Buzz

Vol.4 No.2

February 2009


Oncology – Repertorial approach

Homeopathic Medical Panorama

Vol.17 No.3



Homeopathic management of spinal disorders

Homeopathic Heritage

Vol.34 No.3

March 2009


Scientific Methodology of Repertorisation 

Asian Journal of Homeopathy 

Vol.3 No. 1 (6)

February 2009


Continuation of external MD – Is it justified

Vital Informer

Vol.17 No.6

June 2009


Scientific Methodology of Repertorisation

Links International 

Vol.23 3/09

Sept 2009 


Why Kerala Homeopaths on agitation? 

Homeo Buzz

Vol.4, No.9

September 2009


Govt. Homoeopathic Medical college.Calicut

Homeo Times

Vol. 8 No. 3

March 20110


Govt. Homeopathic Medical College. Trivandrum 

Homeo times

Vol.8 No.4

April 2011


A series on utility of repertory in day to day practice

Homeo Times

February 2012 issue onwards


Reliable methods in tracing symptoms

Homeo Times

March 2012


Scientific methodology of repertorisation

Homeo Times

April 2012


Case taking – a reportorial approach 

Homeo Times

May 2012


Diseases of skin with homeopathic management – Book review

Homoeopathic Heritage 

April 2016


Book review on statistics in Research 

Homoeopathic heritage 

May 2016


My exclusive interview in the prospects of Homoeopathy 

Homoeopathic heritage 

Vol 42 No.2

May 2016 


Book review on “Diseases of skin with homoeopathic management by KS Gopi

Vital Informer 

June 2016


Book review on ” Hair problems answered with homoeopathy by Shivakumar” 


June 2016


Book review on ” Hair problems answered with homoeopathy by Shivakumar”

Homoeopathic heritage 

Vol 42 No.3

June 2016


Peer reviewed article onA better post graduation – step by step approach

Homoeopathic heritage 

Vol 42 No.8

  November 2016


“Glimpses of Homoeopathy” by Dr SG Biju

Homoeopathic heritage 

Vol 42 No.9

December 2016


Nat Carb in soap allergy


Vol 14 issue 7

July 2017 


Homoeopathy in cosmetology(malayalam)

Siraj Daily 

Sept 30, 2018 

Articles/papers Published online with URL 

  1. Homoeopathy Education

The educational attributes and responsibilities of a homeopathic teacher

Homoeopathic Education – Changing trends

Homoeopathic Education & Career – Fast Facts

Effective Research Design

Need of orientation classes for first BHMS students

The necessity of health-related qualifications after BHMS

For a better future in Homoeopathy – convocation speech

Need of a uniform salary structure in the homoeopathy sector

Feedback form for teachers and institutions

What after BHMS – scope and limitations of Homoeopathy courses

CCH inspection and salary of Homoeopathy College teachers

Approach to Homoeopathic Education Technology – Book review

CCH Second Schedule curtailing the prospects of new generation homoeopaths

List of Peer Reviewed Indexed Journals in Homoeopathy

How to prepare effective PowerPoint presentations and lectures

MOH UAE TCAM Exam -Tips on Application Preparation and Interview

How to face PSC UPSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Interview

Assignments for postgraduate Homeopathy scholars

Health Related Courses for Homoeopaths

PhD Programmes in Homoeopathy

Effective PowerPoint Presentation -Tips and facts

MD (Homeopathy) Part 1 Assignments

How to prepare for ESI Medical Officer (Homeopathy) Examination

How to prepare for competitive examinations

MCQs, Study Materials and Online Mock tests for Ayush NET Exam

AYUSH NET Model Question Papers and study materials

How to prepare for an Online Medical PG Entrance Examination

Why modern pharmacology courses for Homoeopaths in Maharashtra?

Interesting statistics of Homeopathy in India 2016-17

CCH inspection,Ghost faculty and salary structure in Homoeopathy Medical Colleges

Pros and Cons of bridge course for Ayush practitioners to practice allopathy

Why are CCH inspectors behaving arrogantly?

List of Homoeopathic Journals from India

List of Free Medical Journals across the globe

Why this painful end to Central Council of Homoeopathy ?

Syllabus and Model question papers on Advanced Teaching of Fundamentals of Homoeopathy

Recommended books, question papers and study materials on Research Methodology Biostatistics and Ethics for Research Officer and PhD entrance examinations

  1. Research

Referencing methods and free reference managers for dissertation work

How to prepare a good literature review with the help of free online tools

How to prepare a good clinical abstract

How to select the best topic for a Post graduate dissertation

How to write a good title for a postgraduate dissertation

Essential parts of a Post graduate dissertation and how to write it ?

Common mistakes in Post graduate Dissertation and how to avoid them

  1. Practice Building

How to promote your clinic/hospital for getting more patients?

How to setup an online homoeopathy consultation/clinic?

What happened to Homoeopathy lady doctors?

Why private practice is the best option in homoeopathy?

Essential contents for doctors’ websites

Air hostess philosophy in clinic designing

How to design your clinic the right way?

Survival of a private practitioner in the midst of free treatment programmes

How to select the best location for your clinic

Why online consultation and websites are essential for doctors?

  1. Homoeopathy General

Why Viral Fever Epidemics are more in Kerala?

Common Viral Fever Epidemics in India

Effective Homoeopathic Management of viral fever epidemics

Homoeopathy for the side effects of Vaccination

Acute gastroenteritis – Homeopathic perspectives

Scope of Homeopathy in Renal Disorders

Importance of Diagnosis in Homeopathy

Terms in Psychology

A brief study of common psychiatric disroders

Oncology – A Repertorial approach

How Homeopaths effectively managed fever epidemics in Kerala

Homeopathic approach to Osteoporosis

Side effects of Vaccination & Homoeopathy treatment

Marriage – A Psychological Approach

A better School Health through Homoeopathy

Homoeopathic Women Health Care Centres at Kerala

Serving the humanity our mission – A homeopathic perspective

Homeopathic Management of Spinal disorders

Homeopathy is more effective in Viral fever epidemics Kerala

Swine Flu – The Real Facts and Homoeopathy Perspective

Mega homoeopathy seminars or public awareness programmes? Why?

Nipah Virus epidemic and Homoeopathy

5.Materia Medica

A Study of Nosodes & Sarcodes in Homoeopathy

Bach Flower Remedies

Sources of Homeopathy Materia Medica

Bowel Nosodes in Homoeopathy practice

Relationship of Homeopathy Remedies

  1. Repertory

BHMS Repertory Syllabus – A proposal

Effective Homeopathy Case Taking

Important Clinical Rubrics in Kent’s repertory

Allied Rubrics in Kent’s Repertory

Rubrics for Infants in Synthesis Repertory

Rubrics for Infants in Murphy’s Repertory

Repertory- Last moment revision for competitive exams

Case taking & Repertory Model Question Papers

Rubrics for Children in day to day practice

Interpretation of mind rubrics in repertories

Comparative Study of Mind rubrics

Mind rubrics for busy practitioners & students

Study of rubrics in Kent’s repertory

Study of rubrics in Boger’s repertory

Homeopathy Card repertory

Important clinical rubrics and sub rubrics in Synthesis Repertory for practitioners and students

  1. Organon Medicine

Symptoms in Homeopathy

Prescribing Symptoms in Homeopathy

Organon of Medicine – Last moment revision

Analysis & Evaluation of Symptoms in Homoeopathy

  1. Scope of Homoeopathy in different countries

Homoeopathy in India

Scope of Homeopathy in United Kingdom

Scope of Homeopathy in European Countries

Scope of Homoeopathy in Pakistan

Scope of Homoeopathy in Malaysia

History of Homeopathy in Kerala

  1. Technology

Complete Collection of Homeopathic Softwares

Download free Mobile apps on Homoeopathy & Medicine

Medical MCQ apps for your Mobile Phones

Website by Homeopathy Doctors

  1. Book Reviews
    Research Methodology & Dissertation Made Easy-two books by Munir Ahammed

Success Mantra for a successful homoeopathic prescribing

Diseases of Skin with homoeopathic management

Hair Problems answered with Homoeopathy Book review

Fundamental Statistics and Clinical Research Book review

Fundamental Statistics and Clinical Research Book review

Dictionary of Organon by Dr RR Joardar

Symphony of Homoeopathy by S G Biju

Indications of Delusions- Singular- Book review

Decoding the rubrics of Mind – Book review

“KAIZEN” new book for UPSC, PSC, MD(Hom) preparation

Part II UPSCMD Entrance Book by Dr Chauhan

Lectures on Organon of Medicine by Manish Bhatia

Organon of the Medical art by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly

Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice

Classical Homoeopathy for an impatient world by SK Banerjea

Decoding the Dose in Homoeopathy by Dr Sumit Goel

A study of Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine by Dr M P Arya

Signatures Miasms Aids – Spiritual Homeopathy by Misha Norland

Homeopathic Conversation – art of case taking Brian Kaplan

Let’s talk about talking Video Lectures by Rajan Sankaran

Snakes to Simillimum Demystifying Venom by Farokh Master

Butterflies & Homoeopathy by Patricia Le Roux

Crack the Entrance – MCQ Examinations in Homeopathy

STRUCTURE Experience with the Mineral Kingdom by Rajan Sankaran

MCQs for UPSC & MD Entrance in Homeopathy by Dr V K Chauhan /

In Search of the later Hahnemann by Rima Handley

1001 Small Remedies in Homeopathy by Frederik Schroyens

Spirit of Homeopathy by Dr Rajan Sankaran

Manual of Psychaitry by J P S Bakshi

New Allen’s Keynotes by HC Allen

Homeopathy and Minerals by Jan Scholten

Comprehensive Materia Medica of Mind by H L Chitkara

Kent’s Minor Writings on Homeopathy by Gypser

A Reference to Repertories for Homoeo Students by Dr Siju P V

Research Methodology & Dissertation Made Easy by Munir Ahammed

Miasm & Mind Rubrics by Dhiraj Nanda

The Man in Health by Dr S M Singh

Learning Disabilities in a Nutshell by Swaroop Rawal

Body Language and Homoeopathy by Ajit Kulakarni

Classical Homoeopathy – Repertory Edition

Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment with Homeopathy

Miasmatic Prescribing – Second Edition by S K Banerjea

Textbook of dermatology for homoeopaths by Gupta & Manchanda

TARGET PG – Essential MCQs of all Homoeopathic Subjects

Miracles of classical homoeopathy book by Dr KJ Isaac released

Success – A guide on homoeopathy for competitive examinations

A Practical Handbook of Homoeopathy Immunisation by Isaac Golden

Book on Veterinary Homoeopathy by Veterinarian Dr PK Naveen

Wonders of Homoeopathy: An Evidence based Study by G R Mohan

Book review on Kent’s rubric materia medica

Logic of Repertories by Dr Benedict Castro

Lectures on Organon of Medicine Volume 2 by Dr Manish Bhatia

Review on “The Banerji Protocols- A new method of treatment with homoeopathic medicines”

Book review on Redefining Homoeopathy-as molecular imprints therapeutics